Wandering Baishizhou

Handshake 302 /Art Residency
Phenomenon Space, Baishizhou, Shenzhen / June 2017 / Presentation

“[…] When we look at the photos and clips from Sabrina’s encounter with Baishizhou, we realize that her artistic method makes legible the latent mystery of any human life. What’s more, we suddenly understand that it is this mystery that makes a human life beautiful. Baishizhou is not dirty, chaotic and substandard. Rather, our habitual perspective on the city distorts what we see: dirty, chaotic and substandard vision can only see ugliness. It takes the magical vision of an artist-shaman to make visible the latent mystery of Shenzhen’s hidden corners. Sabrina’s hands gently stitched together the strangers of Baishizhou, its performers and onlookers into a work of art connected to the daily lives of the urban village.”

Handshake 302

[excerpt from the presentation text]

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