Solo Show > Temps d’arrêt

curated by La Chambre Blanche / Rad’art
La Chambre Blanche – Quebec city (Quebec-Canada) / August 29 to September 14, 2019

Residency Project

“The artist has chosen some specific places in the city where she invites passers to experience their relationship through schematic forms first drawn on the ground. The purpose is to create stopping points where, even for a short time, an interruption takes place to recreate a deeper connection with the present moment. Then, in a second time, the result of her experiences, but also of her meetings will serve the artist for an inside installation, in the space of the gallery. The context of the gallery allows a reinterpretation of the project in visual and sound form and also offering the possibility of reliving the experience of meditation in a space that will be delimited by the artist..”


[excerpt from press release]

watch the video part of the instalaltion