Orient’Art Express / All-Andalus

curated by Azzedine Abdelouhabi
Galerie Moulay El Hassan – Oujda, Morocco / July 11 to August 12, 2011

“Working on this project was for me an intense experience inside a culture, […] The architecture, the typical Arab aniconic style, poetry, and philosophy of the time, were the factors that have most stimulated the idea of the project. Beyond that, what most interested me was to dig into the social fabric to find out the role of the woman and her relationship with the language and culture at that time. What emerged was a lively and courageous female world that crossed various social strata. From the daughters of the caliphs to their slaves, the writing of these women is full of strong amorous passions, seasoned sometimes with bright tones, that the later history has tried in every way to hide, […].

Sabrina Muzi



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