video inward

Counter-reciting Circumference Ratio

943 Studio /Art Residency
Yunnan University Art Museum, Kunming / December 2010

“[…] Muzi has determined to share with others this kind of psychological experience which result is the rolling spherical object we see in the video, and the quiet spherical object placed in front of the screen. Standing between the plane of the dynamic portraits and still-life, we not need to imagine any Muzi’s feelings in the internal sphere, but we have to think of the slow and tremendous power of a new life breaking shell since the enlarged drops before our eyes which is rolling hardly. So one kind of sensory experience beyond the everyday existence of the process has been revealed. They are spreading large areas of gray fields between Protection and Bound, in which we do not have to worry about how to choose, but can return too far to look at the impact between individuals.”

Xuan Hongyu

[excerpt from the exhibition text]


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